Delicious gluten-free organic, plant-based meals made with Love!

The Open Hearth

Since 2006

Delicious gluten-free, organic, plant-based meals made with Love!

Here at The Open Hearth, we believe that food is medicine. We are a healthy plant-based meal preparation service offering tasty, therapeutic and deeply nourishing meals, desserts, beverages and sides. Check our Sample Menus.

We are committed to using high quality, nutrient-dense, whole food-based ingredients and offer meals comprised of both cooked and living foods. Read more about our Our Values.

Good for You

Whether you already eat healthily and could use some support in maintaining your lifestyle or you are just beginning a transition to a healthier diet, The Open Hearth can save you time, frustration and money with our weekly meal preparation service.

Our nutritious food offerings support a heart-healthy, anti-inflammatory, and alkalizing diet and lifestyle.

fresh organic Napa cabbage, red and yellow onions, brocolli

Good for Your Wallet

If health challenges, dietary restrictions, and/or food sensitivities have you considering hiring a personal chef, look no further!

Instead of preparing food for one client at a time, and charging accordingly, The Open Hearth serves all of its clients at the same time. This means you get high quality, foods at a fraction of what a personal chef would cost.

fresh organic green and purple cauliflower

Good for the Planet

The Open Hearth strives to be a beneficial presence on the planet. By using organically grown and plant-based ingredients we are contributing to a more sustainable world. Check out Our Values.

“I love the food from The Open Hearth. I noticed improvements to my health after about 30 days. Now I am getting food for my office, so I can eat healthy during the day. I am grateful to have gluten-free alternatives to keep me and my body-mind at its best. I have hired many personal chefs over the years and Beth’s food is on par with the best.”
— RhadianteVan de Voorde, Boulder Creek, CA

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