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“Why do I drive from SF (where healthy food is not scarce) to Los Gatos for chef Beth’s food?  Trust!  I trust that Beth:

  • bothers to get to know the providers of her ingredients
  • gets me thinking about food differently
  • makes including important nutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc) central to the meals
  • introduces me to new products that she has tried out herself
  • treats her employees fairly
  • runs a business with sustainability as a cornerstone value (not just something trendy to say)

So often “diets” focus on what to leave out — but chef Beth teaches me what to put IN! I also particularly look forward to her drink concoctions and sauces and dressings.”
–Anna Barrett, San Francisco, CA

“I love the food from The Open Hearth. I noticed improvements to my health after about 30 days. Now I am getting food for my office, so I can eat healthy during the day. I am grateful to have gluten-free alternatives to keep me and my body-mind at its best. I have hired many personal chefs over the years and Beth’s food is on par with the best.”
—Rhadiante Van de Voorde, Boulder Creek, CA

“I’m on a restricted diet for my migraines. Before we started a standing order from The Open Hearth, I literally made everything I ate from scratch. This was a fun challenge, but it was exhausting and hard to sustain with my work hours.

When I found Beth and The Open Hearth, it was like a dream! Everything was healthy, whole, ethically sourced, and made with care. The meals are delicious and the portions are generous. I wasn’t sure my husband would be satisfied (he’s an omnivore with a huge appetite) but he’s just as happy as I am. Some of our favorites are the Tempeh Reuben Salad, Polenta Puttanesca, Channa Masala. The desserts, too, are crazy good.

Sign up, you’ll be stoked!
—Caren Camblin, Santa Cruz, CA

“I have been a weekly customer for several years now. The Open Hearth provides me with delicious, nutrient-rich meals that nourish and energize me. My job is physically strenuous, and I am thankful to have a source that feeds my body, mind, and spirit. I feel so good after I eat the food from TOH!

As a massage therapist, I am giving of myself physically, emotionally, spiritually. It is wonderful to have a source that feeds and nourishes me so I can do the work I’m meant to do. I didn’t know healthy eating could taste so good!”
—Vicki Wynne, Fremont, CA

“I highly recommend The Open Hearth to anyone interested in getting and staying healthy AND eating incredibly delicious meals.

Last fall, under recommendations from my doctor, I become a vegan.  Since then, the physical problems I struggled with have been greatly reduced.  It has been life changing.  I could not have done this transformation without the love, help and support of The Open Hearth.

I am an incredibly busy person and have little time to fuss with preparing meals, let alone delicious meals with a wide variety of tastes.  The Open Hearth has allowed me to stay on track with my eating and healthful practices.

I have lost weight, cut body fat and at the same time enjoyed eating more than ever. This is incredible since I always thought of myself as a meat eater and had been one for decades.  I am a very physically active person.  I run daily and go to the gym every other day. My body has never looked better and I have never felt better in my life.

I love sharing my new routine with all my interested friends and colleagues.  The food is amazing, on time, easy to pick up and enjoy.  I can select what I want to eat each week.  It does not get any easier or better than this!

I can’t recommend The Open Hearth highly enough to anyone.”
Ron Indra, Santa Cruz CA

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