Burn Organic Fermented Hot Sauces

Burn Fermented Hot Sauce is an original, small batch, farmer and chef owned business in Santa Cruz, California. All of their products are grown on sustainable organic farms in California & all of the fermented hot sauces highlight the farm on the label. ​Burn Hot Sauce is raw, alive, full of probiotics and gluten free. One bottle [Volume: NET WT 4 FL OZ 118mL].
The Thai Bird-Jalapeño variety has an incredible complex flavor and a creeping heat. Heat level: 4/5. Aged: 6 months.
The Cayenne variety is pure clean heat at its finest. Heat level: 3/5 Aged: 6 months.
The Habanero & Orange Bell Peppers variety has a tropical fruity nose and a slow building body heat. Heat level: 4/5. Aged: 10 months.
The Golden Cayenne variety is bright, fruity, zesty and on fire. Heat level: 4/5. Aged: 6 months.

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Keep refrigerated – must be kept cold to maintain probiotic qualities!

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