Altay Teas are pure authentic herbal teas that feature the healing power of plants that have been honored and utilized by ancient people from the Mountains of Altay. These teas contains NO caffeine, taurine, purine, oxalic acid or uric acid! They’re GMO Free, Gluten Free, Fair Trade and Organic. Comes in an air tight kraft 2 oz. package.
The Ivan Chai  herbal blend is a very soft and non-addictive herb. At the same time, regular consumption of this amazing herb helps to raises the energy, rejuvenate the body, lower fatigue, and improve endurance.
The For Her herbal blend has been used by Altay women to regulate and balance the female body, relieve cramps, flight inflammation and support conception.
The For Him herbal blend has been praised by Altay men for centuries for its incredible ability to activate masculine power, relieve fatigue, improve mood, and to enhance performance.
The Insomnia Gone herbal blend have been used by Altay people for centuries to achieve a good night’s sleep and get away from stresses of everyday life.
The Joint Support herbal blend has been used for centuries to naturally reduce inflammation, promote dissolution of salt deposits and return mobility to joints.
The Immune Blast herbal blend is traditionally used to boost immune system, support heart, help normalize sugar and lipid metabolism, and to ease digestion.
The Metal Detox herbal blend is designed to offer a smooth and natural way to clean your body from the harsh burden of heavy metals and other harmful elements, we’ve accumulated in our cells (especially neurons), blood, and tissues.

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