Organic tomatoes, red bell pepper and yellow squash


We are committed to using…

organically grown produce

organically grown legumes and grains

unrefined organic oils (such as extra virgin olive, coconut and sesame)

the healthiest organic vinegars available (such as apple cider and balsamic)

seasonal and locally sourced produce when practical

filtered water for everything

whole mineral salt (such as Real Salt)

soy in moderation

glass, stainless steel and cast iron to cook in

unbleached, chromium-free parchment paper between any aluminum and your food

Why organic…

By selecting organically grown ingredients we are supporting organic farmers who tend the tilth of the soil and the health of our planet. Organic farming practices eliminate soil and water contamination and helps preserve local wildlife and conserve biodiversity. It also helps the fight against global warming because most organically produced food is distributed locally. As a result, less energy is used for transportation which automatically reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Organic food production reduces erosion and preserves topsoil, as well. For more about this check out “The Environmental Benefits of Organic Food Production.”

pumpkins and gourds

Why plant-based…

A plant-based diet has a direct impact on the health of our planet. By choosing to eat more plant-based foods you can drastically cut your carbon footprint, save precious water supplies and help ensure that vital crop resources are fed to people, rather than livestock. Plant and animal biodiversity is also preserved and honored with a choice to eat a plant-based diet. Check out “5 Ways Eating More Plant-Based Foods Benefits the Environment“.

We are committed to…




We re-use many of our containers to minimize the impact on landfill and preserve precious resources. We are avid re-cyclers. And we return our organic waste to the Earth by working through our kitchen and with City of Watsonville’s Organic Waste Recycling program and the composting they do.

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