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Every week, we prepare an ever-changing seasonal menu featuring three main meals, a dessert, a beverage and a side of the week (see This Week’s Menu).

All meals are ready to eat and/or reheat and serve. Serving directions are included with your order.

You can order a la carte, order one of our six meal packages, or order a meal package and add on additional menu items.

You can save money by:

Ordering any meal package (enjoy an automatic discount when you order a meal package!)

Prepaying for four consecutive weeks of the same meal package (save even more when you do this!)

Ordering more than one serving of any item when you order a la carte (with our new tiered pricing!)

The Rhythm of The Open Hearth

Tuesday (the week prior to meal delivery)
Our menu for the coming week is up on our “Order Now” page and/or emailed to you by 12:00 noon. To order, go to our “Order Now” page or click on the link in the email and place your order.

By 12 noon we have received your order or amendments to your order.

Tuesday (the week of meal delivery)
We are in the kitchen preparing wholesome nourishment for your body temple.

After 4:30 p.m. your meals are ready for delivery to your door or ready for pick-up at one of pick-up locales. (Check out our Delivery/Pickup page for details.)

Upon receipt of your current week’s meals you return all reusable containers and lids from the previous week, clean, dry and in the cooler bag provided.

and the cycle begins again…

We always look forward to unzipping our weekly cooler filled with delicious, colorful healthy meals and snacks. Beth’s team is well organized and a pleasure to deal with. Simple instructions for heating and serving make the entire process fun and effortless. And it’s so nice to have these delightful meals prepared for us and to enjoy them in the comfort of home. We appreciate the role The Open Hearth is playing is supporting folks with busy lifestyles who do not want to sacrifice the quality and integrity of home-cooked meals.
—Deo Robbins, Soquel, CA

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