(Frequently Asked Questions)



Can I order one-time and try it out?

Yes! Be sure to use the first-time customer discount code: New10 (for new clients only).


How often can I get meal deliveries from The Open Hearth?

The Open Hearth is in the kitchen weekly, on Tuesdays. We deliver weekly as well.


How do I get my food?

Most clients opt to have The Open Hearth deliver their food directly to their door. Some clients get their meals at one of the few communal pick-ups. See “Delivery/Pick Up Information


Does The Open Hearth provide meals that are ready to eat or ready to heat and eat?



Does The Open Hearth cook with grains and/or legumes?

The Open Hearth loves to cook with whole grains and legumes and yes, we offer meals and other items that are grain and legume-free. Check ingredients of the items to know for sure.


What kind of and how much packaging can I expect?

We use a combination of reusable and compostable containers. We provide approximately 30%-50% of your food in reusable glass jars and baking dishes. We ask that you return those containers and their lids upon pick up of your next order (within 14 days of your last order).  The remainder of containers are compostable and made of plant-based plastic (a fraction are made of recyclable plastic, but we are phasing these out). We provide your meals in a re-usable (and returnable) cooler bag.


Can I compost the compostable containers?

Fiber containers are easily compostable in your home compost piles. The containers made from vegetable based “plastics” we generally put in the landfill bound garbage. Check out this blog by one of our suppliers: http://inspire.goodstartpackaging.com/blog/why-compostable-take-out-containers-make-sense-even-if-you-cant-compost-them


Can I provide my own containers?

No. The Open Hearth accommodate for each client having their own containers.


How do I get containers back to you if I have meals delivered to my door?

Gather up all The Open Hearth’s containers and lids and place in our cooler bags with included packing materials (to protect glass) and leave in same place you have asked us to put your delivered food before delivery time.


When is the menu available to order from?

We post the menu weekly no later than one-week before it becomes available for delivery, so usually that is Monday night or Tuesday morning.


When is the order deadline?

Noon on the Friday before your delivery/pick up.


Is there a minimum for ordering?



How do I pay for my food?

You can pay online when you order with a credit card. This is required for first time orders. Established clients can pay upon delivery or pick up with check or cash.


Can you honor special diet requests?

Sometimes. When our menu items have indicated that there is an the option to omit certain and specific items such as sweetener, red bell peppers, raw onions, etc, then this is notated on the menu item. We ask you to check omission options for those dishes and let us know what you’d like to omit in the order notes field at checkout.


Do you cook in a gluten-free facility?

Currently we do not, but we are careful to take precautions to prevent cross contamination.


What percentage of your ingredients are organically grown?

Close to 98%. We list this information as part of the ingredients for each menu item.


Where do you source your ingredients?

We buy many of our dry bulk ingredients from U.N.F.I. and Azure Standard. I love ordering produce from many of these local farms: Route One Farms, Lakeside Organics, Happy Boy Farms, Nelson Family Farms, and New Natives. We also get produce from Watsonville Coast Produce and many other ingredients from Staff of Life.


Does The Open Hearth cater events?

We do on a case by case basis. So it’s always worth asking about.


Does The Open Hearth have a referral bonus system or loyalty program?

Currently we do not but we are going to develop that soon! Your word of mouth referrals are always appreciated.


How big are the portions?

Check out our product page for each of our menu items. Each menu item states clearly the approximate size of the portion.


Do you offer a subscription option so I can place an order for the same meal package weekly?

We have a couple of options that address this need. Each of our meal packages can be pre-paid and ordered for four consecutive weeks (see Pre-paid Meal Packages). This options supports those of you who want the same meal package for a minimum of four weeks but might want to change how you are ordering periodically. It is also a great option for those who are not planning on ordering long-term (or for gifting for Meal Trains, new parents, surgery recovery support,etc. We do have an ongoing low-tech subscription option available that is not publicized on the website ordering portal. Please contact us to request more information. This is an option for the lowest price on meal packages.


How can I get involved with The Open Hearth (i.e. kitchen help, delivery, offering my produce and/or food products, etc.)?

Feel free to email us at thechef@IamTheOpenHearth.com. We always love to get resumes for potential additions to Team Open Hearth as well as produce and product availability and price lists from local farmers and food as medicine purveyors!

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