Cultivating Coherence A.K.A. Healing the Heart of My Family (part 2)

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“In this moment, In this place, I remember who I am.

Letting fear and worry, fall away from me.

I open my eyes to see….

There is only Love. There is only Love.

Love that heals, love that sets us free.

There is only Love. ”

—Karen Drucker (lyrics)


Note: When this is initially published on, Thursday, March 1st at 4:51 p.m., the moon and sun will be opposite astronomically and astrologically—it will be full moon in Virgo. Also, since then, I have succeeded in posting a video of me singing this Karen Drucker song (“There is Only Love”) to my family (which I did right before this photo above was taken), but I have transcended some technological problems. So…. Check it out!                                                 


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