All Needs Met

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“My life is an adventure in surrender;
a journey of the Sacred Yes!
Love, peace and joy are the guideposts on my path!
Optimal health and absolute wholeness are my divine birthright fully expressed!
My relationships are joint participations in the good of God!
Infinite possibilities within me express as all needs met!”

Soul Center OC, July 2016

In honor of my commitment to publish a blog bi-moonthly (on the new and full moons) and in honor of the new moon in Leo on Saturday, August 11th, 2018 at 2:58 a.m. PDT, I am posting this blog/video. And although I have finished my self-directed, 10-day summer cleanse, my blog/video is not about that. And although the title/topic of this blog is “All Needs Met,” this post is less about “all need met” than it is “all needs met. The medium is the message as Marshall McLuhan taught.

In this video I am living my healing journey:

I am having the experience that I can, instance by instance, heal and transform my limiting beliefs about time.

I can be/do what brings me joy!

I can and do making choices that raise my vibration.

Take a walk with me and see!



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