basket of organic brocolli, napa cabbage, carrots, bell pepper, celery


Beth Freewomon, owner and head chef of The Open Hearth, is passionate about preparing food that inspires people to make lasting changes towards a lifestyle that is good for them and the planet.

She loves to support people in their quest for health by providing meals and education that reflect the power of food as medicine. She is a graduate of Bauman College and a certified Natural Food Chef.

Her love of whole foods began in 1986 when she discovered macrobiotics. This then newfound way of eating was more than just a diet or fad, it was a way of life and the beginning of remembering that the world, the Earth and the Earth’s inhabitants are all integral parts of an interconnected whole.

Beth is a 2012 graduate of Café Gratitude founders’, Matthew and Terces Englehart, Sacred Commerce/Leadership Training Program. She is currently a Practitioner of Higher Consciousness at Inner Light Ministries where she focuses on health and well-being, the environment and music. Recently she has become a passionate student of Dr. Joe Dispenza, integrating the healing and co-creative power of meditation into her health and well-being practices.

She is grateful that her work through The Open Hearth brings many of her passions together in one endeavor and allows her to be in service to YOU, the beloved community and the Earth.


Team Open Hearth …. past, present, future!

Julie with ‘Shrooms’

kitchen staff

Cindy and the Southwestern Smash

Andrew and Apples

Andrew with Apples

Rebecca and Arugula

Rebecca and Baby Kale

Teresa and the Crisp

Teresa with the Crisp

chef assistant at the Open Hearth

Jeannette with Beets

“Why do I drive from SF (where healthy food is not scarce) to Los Gatos for chef Beth’s food?  Trust!  I trust that Beth:

 bothers to get to know the providers of her ingredients

 gets me thinking about food differently

 makes including important nutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc) central to the meals

 treats her employees fairly

 runs a business with sustainability as a cornerstone value (not just something trendy to say)

So often “diets” focus on what to leave out — but chef Beth teaches me what to put IN! I also particularly look forward to her drink concoctions and sauces and dressings.”

—Anna Barrett, San Francisco, CA 

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